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Spice Blends

Crazy Cajun Curry
A delightful blend of our house Bombay Spice and our Cajun Spice. Heat level is medium. Very low in salt. Uses: seafood, everything BBQ, roasted corn, herb butters, scrambled eggs and even popcorn. Remember, you may need to add salt. $4.00

Greek Olive
Fabulous, classic, and versatile. Exceptional for marinating Kalamata olives, lamb kebobs, feta cheese, and recipes for eggplant; classic Greek lemon potatoes, for BBQ, stews, roasts and to season olive oil and garlic for dipping. $4.00

Mexican Hat Dance
This is a complete blend of spices and chilies for anything Mexican. Big on flavour, mild on heat.  Ideal for your favourite chili, quesadilla, and baked bean recipes.  Fabulous  on eggs, tacos, salads, baked potatoes, hummus, everything BBQ, even popcorn, and herbed butter.  You may need to add salt. $4.00

Bombay Curry
This curry was specifically blended to deliver substantial flavour, mild heat, and low sodium. For more heat, we suggest chili flakes or cayenne pepper. Uses: butterflied shrimp, traditional meat dishes, cauliflower, potatoes, baked squash, hummus, soups, and BBQ fruit. $4.00

Moroccan Tagine
Heady, exotic, rich. In robust stews, soups, grains, lentils, chick peas, and couscous. Also, use as a marinade for all meats, fish, and chicken. Garnish with cilantro, parsley, and soft dried fruits. $4.00

Sissy Jerk Jamaican
All the flavour of traditional jerk, but easy on the heat! Use on all meats, fish etc. then lightly pan fry or BBQ. For greater flavour depth, slowly simmer or bake for robust stews and sauces. $4.00